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React JS Development Services We Provide

React js Development is one of the focused and specialized areas of Inexture among its various other services. We better understand our clients requirements in their React js Projects and deliver them the best out of the best. Our highly experienced React js developers keep each and every update on the latest technological trends and market niches. 

Custom React Development

Our team uses React technology to develop custom user interfaces since it ensures flexibility, efficiency, and scalability. We tend to follow these steps – designing the architecture, creating and organizing components, handling data, and testing the app.

Single Page Development

At NWS, we focus on SPD which allows for placing all the content and features of the app on a single page. Our React development company builds a dynamic and interactive web app using JavaScript to load content and handle user interactions.

App Migration to React

Our development team helps move an existing web app to the React JavaScript library. We carefully plan the migration process by identifying the React components to be used and establishing testing procedures.

React Consulting

Having a team of qualified specialists – CTO, Team Leads, developers, and QA engineers – we provide consulting services. At NWS Software, we carefully analyze the existing app or check on your requirements to offer the most scalable solution for your business.

Architecture Building

We help build a solid architecture for your React application. The right architecture allows maintaining and scaling the app easier. Our team tends to use various state management libraries such as Redux, MobX, and Context API.

Maintenance and Support

As a React JS web development company, we offer maintenance services to support applications once they’ve been delivered. Our team performs a range of tasks, including bug fixes, security updates, compatibility updates, and feature enhancements.

Why Should You Choose WordPress?

We are constantly exploring new ways to provide breakthrough solutions for our clients to enhance their experience. With ReactJS development you can simply build dynamic, hybrid, and Progressive web apps with interactive UI/UX. For our prestigious clients, we have already completed several complicated and challenging ReactJS Development projects. You can count on us, as we are able to analyze any awesome idea you have and provide you with creative solutions based on React.js technology.


Functional components

React functional components are easier to read, test, and maintain than class components. They enable hooks, which simplify state management and side effects.

Small components

React development services allow using one component to do only one thing. Breaking down larger components into smaller ones makes them easier to read, test, and maintain.


PropTypes are a way to document the expected props for a component. They help catch errors early and provide useful feedback when something goes wrong.

React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools is a browser extension to inspect and debug React components. It’s possible to see the component hierarchy, props, and state at any point in time.

CSS Modules

CSS Modules are a way to scope CSS styles to a particular component. Our team uses CSS Modules to avoid leaking into other components and keep the code organized.

Immutable Data

Immutable data helps prevent bugs by making it harder to accidentally mutate data. Our development team uses libraries like Immutable.js or Immer to manage the state immutably.

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